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Alborough, Jez Where's my teddy? J PB ALBOROUG
When a small boy named Eddie goes searching for his lost teddy in the dark woods, he comes across a gigantic bear with a similar problem.
Anderson, Peggy Perry Chuck's band J PB ANDERSON
Chuck and his barnyard friends form a band, but they have trouble finding an instrument for Fat Cat Pat to play, since all the cat wants to do is sleep all day
Baker, Ken Brave little monster J PB Baker
A little monster has trouble falling asleep one night because he fears little boys and girls are hiding under his bed and in his closet.
Baker,Liza Dinosaur days J PB BAKER
When Harold is unable to sleep, he uses his purple crayon to draw a jungle in which he hopes to find dinosaurs.
Bang, Molly Ten, nine, eight J PB BANG
Numbers from ten to one are part of this lullaby which observes the room of a little girl going to bed.
Barton, Byropn The little red hen J PB BARTON
The little red hen finds none of her lazy friends willing to help her plant, harvest, or grind wheat into flour, but all are eager to eat the bread she makes from it
Bornstein, Ruth. Little gorilla J PB Bornstein
Little Gorilla's family and friends try to help him overcome his special growing pains
Brian, Janeen Where does Thursday go? J PB Brian
Bruno and Bert try to find out what happens to a special day after it is over
Bridwell, Norman Clifford's kitten J PB Bridwell
"Everyone loves Clifford! America's biggest, reddest, most-loved dog!"--
Burningham, John. Mr. Gumpy's outing J PB Burningham
Mr. Gumpy accepts more and more riders on his boat until the inevitable occurs.
Carle, Eric. The Very Hungry Caterpillar J PB Carle
Follows the progress of a hungry little caterpillar as he eats his way through a varied and very large quantity of food until, full at last, he forms a cocoon around himself and goes to sleep. Die-cut pages illustrate what the caterpillar ate on successive days
Church,Caroline Jayne Digby takes Charge J PB Church
Digby is a very good sheepdog, but when faced with six unruly sheep who ignore him even when he goes to extremes to make them obey, the farm's cows and pigs give him some sage advice.
Crews, Donald. Freight train J PB Crews
Brief text and illustrations trace the journey of a colorful train as it goes through tunnels, by cities, and over trestles
Emberley, Ed. Go away, big green monster! J PB Emberley
Die-cut pages through which bits of a monster are revealed are designed to help a child control nighttime fears of monsters.
Flack, Marjorie Ask Mr. Bear J FOUNTAS J Flack
When he doesn't know what to give his mother for her birthday, a small boy asks all the animals for advice.
Gay,Marie-Louise Stella,Star of the Sea J PB Gay
Stella and her little brother are spending the day at the sea. Her brother is full of questions, and Stella has an answer for them all. The only thing she isn't sure of is whether her brother will ever come into the water.
Harris,Robie H Maybe a bear ate it! J PB Harris
At bedtime, a young boy who cannot find his favorite book imagines the various creatures that might have taken it from him.
Hill, Eric Where's Spot J PB Hill
A mother dog finds eight other animals hiding around the house before finding her lost puppy. Flaps conceal the animals
Lobel, Arnold A zoo for Mister Muster J PB Lobel
When Mister Muster is unable to visit his animal friends at the zoo one day, the animals sneak out and pay him a surprise visit.
Manning, Mick Cock-a-doodle-hoooooo! J PB Manning
When a tired, lonely owl finds shelter in a hen house during a storm, he is awakened by a flock of bossy hens who try to force him to be a cockerel, until he demonstrates what he can do for them.
McCourt, Lisa I Love you ,Stinky Face J PB MCCOURT
A mother and child discuss how the mother's love would remain constant even if her child were a stinky skunk, scary ape, or bug-eating green alien.
Numeroff, Laura Joffe. If you give a mouse a cookie J PB Numeroff
Relating the cycle of requests a mouse is likely to make after you give him a cookie takes the reader through a young boy's day
Rey, Margret Curious George and the dinosaur J PB Rey
Curious George visits a museum with a class of school children and causes much excitement by climbing up onto a dinosaur skeleton
Rosen, Michael We're going on a bear hunt J PB Rosen
Brave bear hunters go through grass, a river, mud, and other obstacles before the inevitable encounter with the bear forces a headlong retreat.
Sutton, Sally Roadwork J PB Sutton
There are many big machines and busy people involved in building a road, and this picture book, with its rambunctious rhymes and noisy fun, follows them every step of the way, from clearing a pathway to rolling the tar to sweeping up at the end.
Thach, James Otis The Tickle Monster is Coming! J PB Thach
A little monster prepares for bed, all the while waiting anxiously for the Tickle Monster to sneak in and get him.
Walsh, Ellen Stoll. Mouse paint J PB Walsh
Three white mice discover jars of red, blue, and yellow paint and explore the world of color
Wells, Rosemary. Noisy Nora J PB Wells
Feeling neglected, Nora makes more and more noise to attract her parents' attention
Wheeler, Lisa Bubble gum, bubble gum J PB WHEELER
A toad begins the tale about a gob of bubble gum found on the road. Before long, the little creature gets stuck, is joined by a shrew, a goose, a bee, and a crow. A truck is zooming down the road so the only way out of this sticky predicament is to chew, chew, chew. That is just what the animals do until a bear comes by and more trouble seems imminent. Fortunately, it gets stuck, a hen comes along, and the adventure begins anew.
Whybrow, Ian. Sammy and the dinosaurs J PB Whybrow
Sammy finds toy dinosaurs in the attic that come to life when he names each one
Wilson, Karma A Frog in the Bog J PB Wilson
A frog in the bog grows larger and larger as he eats more and more bugs, until he attracts the attention of an alligator who puts an end to his eating
Yolen, Jane How do dinosaurs say good night? J PB Yolen
Mother and child ponder the different ways a dinosaur can say goodnight, from slamming his tail and pouting to giving a big hug and kiss